Trump’s Sickening Festival of Hate

He’s a vile, steaming piece of shit, a hateful Nazi-in-waiting. If there’s a hell, Donald Trump  will surely burn in it. And so will his rancid supporters, fake Christians who ranted and raved about a woman of color at a rally last night, gleefully spewing racist venom and bile: “Send her back! Send her back,” they bellowed. “Send her back!”

Their pea-sized brains addled by hate and poisoned by xenophobia, these idiots imagined sending Rep. Ilhan Omar, an American citizen, back to Africa. She’s from Minnesota of course, but she arrived in America after fleeing violence in Somalia, which makes her forever suspect in the eyes of the deranged, spittle-lipped Trumpkins.

To them, she is forever the other — a shifty foreigner, a likely terrorist, subhuman. To hell with your tired and hungry, they say. Let them go fuck themselves. We don’t give a damn about anyone but ourselves.

At this latest stop on his Festival of Hate roadshow, Trump whipped the horrific herd into a frenzy, accusing Omar over and over again of hating America. He waved a picture of the congresswoman in her hijab, a symbol of piety and modesty that the depraved Trumpkins equate with Muslim extremism. Trump paused, soaking in their xenophobia with evident glee. He let the hate wash over him for a full 13 seconds and smirked his insufferable smirk.  “Send her back!” they roared. “Send her back!” 

Deplorables, indeed.

Trump is running a brazenly racist re-election campaign, even more revolting than his last, tying the entire Democratic Party to Omar and the other three members of The Squad, all of them progressive women of color — Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez of New York, Rep. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan, and Rep. Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts. He will scapegoat them in an attempt to maintain his corrupt, criminal, and supremely incompetent hold on the White House. It’s no coincidence that Trump, who wants to ban all Muslims from entering the country, made Omar his central target at last night’s North Carolina hate-fest.

This stuff is straight out of the Hitler playbook. It will be a bloody miracle if some gun-slinging Trumpkin doesn’t try to assassinate a member of The Squad. And if and when he does, all the blood will be on Trump’s tiny, hateful hands.

The Squad members are not the only ones whose safety our despicable President has imperiled. Anyone with black or brown skin — and anyone who openly loves them — is now subject to the whims of impulses of emboldened racists everywhere. My brother, for example, is married to a Kenyan refugee. He has two mixed-race children. These days, when they go out to dinner or stroll around Minneapolis — they happen to live in Omar’s congressional district — they are far more likely to be subjected to the open glares of white-skinned haters. It’s extremely unnerving — and dangerous.

We’re one election away from living in a totalitarian state, ladies and gentlemen. We’ve already ripped Latino kids from the arms of their parents and locked them up in concentration camps, as AOC accurately described them. Now we’re watching the leader of the Free World gleefully incite his racist horde to commit violence against people of color. 

Thanks to my chronic unemployment, I will have unlimited time to campaign against this monster. And that’s what I intend to do for the next 16 months. I hope you’ll join me.

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