Impeach the Bastard

It’s time to impeach the bastard.

We all knew what a corrupt, incompetent, pathological, narcissistic liar he was. But now it’s all laid out in black and white by an impartial investigator who happens to be a lifelong Republican. There’s just no ignoring the mind-blowing malfeasance of our president any longer. 

Bring him to justice.

Perhaps Trump’s misdeeds didn’t meet whatever exacting legal standard is required to prove he conspired/colluded with Russia to steal the election. But they cleared the common-sense standard by a mile.

Trump clearly welcomed Putin’s illicit support, encouraged it and celebrated it. “Russia, if you’re listening…” “I love WikiLeaks!” He dictated the false statement about Don Junior’s infamous Trump Tower meeting, where the President’s repugnant namesake rendezvoused with Russians offering dirt on Hillary. The mere prospect prompted junior to exclaim, with ejaculatory glee, “I love it.”

If there was nothing to hide, why did Trump lie about it?

As for that meeting where the cigar-chomping Manafort gave Putin’s pal invaluable polling data on Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania? No collusion there! Roger Stone’s outreach to WikiLeaks? Nothing here!

Spare me.

Trump’s repeated, blatant attempts to obstruct justice have been on grotesque public display since the day he fired FBI director Jim Comey. Mueller’s report enumerates these in lawyerly detail and virtually invites the Democrats to initiate impeachment hearings.

In his unending cascade of deranged Twitter outbursts, the President has slandered his investigators virtually every day. He asked his underlings to fire Mueller. This wasn’t  obstruction?

Now the Democrats are struggling over what to do, worried that impeachment might redound to Trump’s benefit, just as the Republican impeachment of Bill Clinton sent his approval rating into the stratosphere.

Political consequences be damned. This president must go.

If he murdered someone on Fifth Avenue, would the Democrats be pondering the political fallout of impeachment or would they simply send him to jail?

It’s true that Republican senators, who are beyond redemption, won’t convict him of anything. So what.

Not to impeach is to condone. Not to impeach is to enable. Not to impeach is to tell every future would-be dictator who inhabits the White House that it’s just fine to trample the law with impunity.

People objected to Clinton’s impeachment because they didn’t think it was worth convicting the president over a blowjob. Most of us — except, of course, the deplorable 40 percent who support Trump no matter what — understand that Trump’s crimes pose a far greater threat to the republic.

Impeachment hearings will put all of the president’s mind-numbing transgressions on vivid display for weeks on end. And they will only harden the conviction of rational humans everywhere that this president is utterly unfit for office.

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  1. Phil Reidy says:

    Spot on thanks. It’s not so much what we do in the face of adversity as what we don’t do. Each of us must act to purge this destructive fool from a position of consequence before he does yet more damage.

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