I Watched A Stormy Daniels Video

I watched Stormy Daniels on 60 Minutes a few weeks ago. Today I watched her on PornHub.

Please don’t tell anyone.

There were so many offerings to choose from. Somehow the Stormy Daniels Cumshot Collection caught my eye. A brief exposure to this 20-minute marathon led to a simple conclusion: Donald Trump should have worn a condom.


And another conclusion: It’s a miracle that he’s still president after his frolic in Stormy’s ample bosom.

Wherever you live, imagine that your governor or senator was caught in bed with a porn star. They’d have resigned in disgrace the next morning. Yet somehow our scumbag president endures, basking in hosannas from the religious right.

The mind reels.

No doubt the same Christian zealots who lick Trump’s boots would condemn Stormy as a fallen woman.

Indeed, to characterize the Cumshot Collection as crude doesn’t remotely do it justice. The video is a singular display of ejaculatory debauchery. But I have nothing but respect for Stormy. She’s tough enough to stand up to our gangster president, who she claims sent a mobster to threaten her.

He probably did.

The entire GOP — the Pusillanimous Party, or PP Party — is scared of the guy. Not Stormy.

Hers is a stern visage. She looks angry, even in the throes of ecstasy. An agile porn star, she shows impressive flexibility in bed. She has a spine of steel, though. And when it comes to fighting Donald Trump, that’s what matters.

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