SOTU: An American Horror Show

I didn’t watch. I couldn’t watch.

I know it’s my civic duty to listen to the president’s annual State of the Union speech. I should have tuned in last night.

I watched the Timberwolves game instead.

I can’t stand the sight of the ogre who has taken our country hostage and threatens the very pillars of our democracy with his brazen contempt for the rule of law.

He’s attacked any and all judges and law enforcement officials who might dare hold him accountable for his reckless, anti-democratic behavior.

He’s demonized the immigrants who make this country great, he’s encouraged white supremacists everywhere to exult in their bilious worldview, and he’s invited his plutocratic pals to pillage the environment.

He steals health care from the poor and gives the profits to the rich.

And with his adolescent Twitter outbursts, he threatens to drag our country into war against a nuclear-armed madman – a war that would surely result in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of human beings, including tens of thousands of the American soldiers he purports to honor.

I didn’t need to watch to know that our collusionist president – the most divisive political leader our country has ever known – would make a farcical plea for unity. I didn’t need to watch to know that the pundictocracy would lavish praise upon this semi-literate moron just because he managed to read an entire speech from a Teleprompter.

My wife watched. She encouraged me to watch. We need to know what the other side is thinking, she told me.

I overheard a line or two while she was watching in the next room.

We should all stand for the national anthem, Trump said. We must slash immigration or risk being murdered by lawless gang members, he said.

And then he issued his ringing call for unity.

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  1. Ari Stocking says:

    I didn’t watch either and feel so much better not having listened to the stupidities uttered by this dangerous imbecile.
    Wish he could read your article but then he wouldn’t be able understand such beautifully crafted English words.
    Keep writing Ben! Love to read your thoughts.

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