Shithole President

Racist, racist, racist. Scumbag racist. Shithole shithead racist pig motherfucker.

It’s been clear for a very long time that Donald Trump was a vile racist. What other variety of scumbag would insist that Barack Obama was a Muslim born in Kenya?

Only today — after his disgusting assertions about Haitians and Africans — are some mainstream pundits finally willing to say out loud what’s been obvious since before America’s Worst President Ever announced his candidacy.

Donald Trump is a racist.

Even while making this obvious case, they add caveats. “No one except Trump can know what Trump’s private thoughts or motivations are,” says David Leonhardt in today’s New York Times. “It’s impossible to know what’s in his heart,” says Slate’s Jamelle Bouie.

We know what’s in his heart.

It’s been clear since he and his dad, who was once arrested at a Klan rally, made it a formal policy not to rent their apartments to black people in the 1970s.

(Leonhardt has compiled a fairly exhaustive list of Trump’s most outrageous racist acts and statements here. You can add your own examples by emailing him.)

Trump prefers fair-skinned, blonde Norwegians to people of color. He virtually said as much at a White House meeting on immigration yesterday, once again staining hallowed ground with disgusting emanations from the world’s most gaping shithole: his mouth.

“Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” the President reportedly asked.

I know a lot of people who’ve been to Haiti. I’ve been myself. Each one of us came back impressed with the strength, creativity and resilience of the Haitian people.

If you took away everything Donald Trump had, put him on the street next to a typical Haitian immigrant, and gave them each $500 — who’d be more likely to become a self-made billionaire? Who’d be more likely to make a decent contribution to humanity?

Mainstream journalists have to be cautious about saying some things out loud, no matter how obvious they may be.

I’m not a mainstream journalist anymore.

Racist, racist, racist. Scumbag racist. Shithole shithead racist pig motherfucker.


  1. Jack Bernard says:

    Thanks, Ben. I love the fact (alternative) that you held back and were so restrained. Keep up the good work. If you want to feel better read the blog I just posted for MLK Weekend.

  2. nowCrada says:

    Naturalmente Hai ragione. In questo nulla in vi e credo che questa sia un’ottima idea.
    chicas culito en 4 en tangas poringal

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